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Sports Injury Clinic

Our team comprises leading Physiotherapists and Sports Injury Therapists. We pride ourselves on working with all ages and abilities. Whatever your goal, we look forward to helping you achieve it via specialised treatment and rehabilitation plans.

Our Services

During an appointment, we will identify the injury and the cause and provide the necessary treatment along with a sport specific rehabilitation program to fully rehabilitate the injury.

We believe in providing the best treatment sessions at the most competitive prices.

Sports Massage

Sports massage can be used before or after competition with different purposes. The appropriate technique can have either a stimulating or relaxing effect on muscle tissue.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a hands-on technique that involves applying pressure to a tender area of muscle or a ‘trigger point’.


Jon W Sports Injury uses the latest rehabilitation equipment including therabands, weights, wobble cushions, and gym balls.

Foot Assessment

We complete a foot assessment and analyse the biomechanics. We can also supply corrective orthotics if we believe suitable.

Kinesiology Taping

The KT will assist with the body’s natural healing process by lifting the skin. This allows the drainage of inflammation to occur at an increased rate.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound is a treatment that uses a specialised machine to send sound waves at a high frequency into the body.

From my initial appointment, I knew that this was a clinic that instinctively understood my problems as an elite player. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough – it is now a permanent, and essential, part of my routine for remaining in peak physical condition.

Georgina (Gina) Kennedy

4 x Junior British Squash Champion; Former U19 European Champion

I have known Jon for many years; he has always been an inspiration to me and has provided me with amazing treatment over the years that included treatment from when I used to play football. I wouldn’t consider going to any other clinic because they have helped me through so much and made injuries almost stress free

Luke Gunning

Elite Swimmer

Jon is a highly competent and enthusiastic therapist who has assisted me in achieving my goals as an elite swimmer. I am truly grateful for everything that he's done for me and will strongly recommend him to everyone who wants to see results from having Sports Injury treatment

Michael Gunning

Elite Swimmer

Jon W Sports Injury, has helped me greatly over the past few years. Their enthusiasm over helping me to recover from my injuries never fails to radiate on to you, so you feel engaged and at ease with the rehabilitation process.

Cameron Prior


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