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COVID-19 Policy

At Jon W Sports Injury we are strongly committed to the welfare and safety of all our clients and staff.

Hygiene has always been the highest priority for us. However, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic we have put in place extra measures to ensure the full safety of our clinics and to allow them to be a safe place for our clients to attend.

Please see our 10 point plan below that are currently in place. These measures are in place following the latest Government guidance and may change in responses to any changes made by the government.


1. Clients are asked to arrive at the start time of their appointment and not before to ensure that only the patient and therapist are in the clinic.

2. ‘Time buffers’ have been introduced to allow for the clinic to be thoroughly cleaned and PPE replaced between appointments.

3. Our policy, in accordance with Government guidance, is that therapists will wear a disposable apron and a mask. Clients will wear a mask (this can be their own). Additional PPE is offered to both client and therapist for the choosing of both the client and therapist prior to the appointment.

4. The client will be asked to sanatize their hands on arrival. We have an existing policy that all Therapists sanatize their hands at the start at end of every appointment.

5. We ask that clients do not bring additional people with them to the appointment (if possible). However, if the appointment is for someone under the age of 18 they must be accompanied by an adult in accordance with our safeguarding policy.

6. Windows and doors will be left open where possible to ensure the highest levels of ventilation.

7. Any massage couches and chairs used will be wipe clean material. They will be disinfected between every appointment. We will continue our existing policy that hygiene roll will also be used in every appointment and disposed of and replaced after each appointment.

8. Every client will be asked to consent that they are not suffering with any symptoms of COVID-19 (these include fever, cough, sore throat, lack of taste and smell) nor have been in contact with anyone suffering symptoms in the last 14 days. This also includes anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

9. Every tool or piece of equipment used will be disinfected after use and between appointments.

10. Virtual appointments are available and are the recommended appointment type. Clients are asked to consent that they will not benefit from a virtual appointment and require a face to face appointment to prevent their condition from worsening. 




If you have any issues or concerns this will be handled urgently and should be directed to our Head Therapist Jon White below.

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