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Jon W Sports Injury

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The Virtual Clinic

Would you like one of our team to join you in the comfort of your own home?

Using simple technology that anyone can use we can join you and conduct a full appointment following the same concepts and aims that we do in house.  

This is the perfect solution for anyone who is unable to join us in clinic but wants to progress towards their goals with the support and personalised approach provided at Jon W Sports Injury


We appreciate that the concept of virtual appointments may be new for you. We would love to discuss how we can help you as we have helped thousands of others. Simply pop in your details below and we will be in touch shortly. Please note this is an introductory call so we will not be able to diagnose or prescribe. If this is what you are looking for it will best to book an appointment. However, this is a great way for us to say hi and answer any questions you may have. 

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We would love to help you improve mobility and strength to return to the things you love to do, free from pain.

Our virtual appointments allow us to join you in the comfort of your own home. It is as simple for you as clicking a link and can be accessed from a computer, laptop or phone.

These appointments are perfect if you are unable to see us in clinic but want the personalisation and professionalism that an appointment at Jon W Sports Injury provides 


Our promise to you

At Jon W Sports Injury Virtual Clinic you will:


  • Be treated an as individual, with personal symptoms and reasons for wanting to be pain-free
  • Have a deep investigation to find the problem and importantly the cause.
  • Be provided self administered soft tissue therapy to correct your pain or restrictions. 
  • Be provided an individual rehabilitation program, composed of pictures and videos with exercises for you.

Our Services

During a virtual appointment we have five key objectives

 1. We will have a discussion with you about your injury, pain and most importantly goals. 

2. Complete any relevant testing to help diagnose your injury.

3. Identify muscles and soft tissue structures that are either tight or weak. 

4. Provide you self administered self myofasical release techniques to aid rehabilitation and reduce pain.  

5. Compile a personalised rehabiliation plan for you. 




We complete a full subjective assessment where we discuss your pain, issues and most importantly your goals. We all have different reasons for wanting to be pain free and it is important to always be working towards those. 


We will conduct an objective assessment that will involve us guiding you through a series of tests. This will allow us to ascertain structures that are damaged and formulate a working diagnosis of your injury.

Identify weak and tight muscles

We will work with you to highlight the soft tissue structures that have a lack of flexibility or are underactive and weak. These will be the problematic structures and what we term the cause of your pain. 

Self Myofasical Release

We will teach you specific self adminsitered manual techniques to improve the integrity of your muscle and ligament structures. We can guide you through the techniques with an emphasis on form and application to aid rehabiliatation. 

Exercise PROGRAM

We will conclude by producing a personalised rehabilitation program for you. The program will be emailed to you and you will have descriptions, pictures and videos so you can continue the program outside of the appointment with the correct form. 

 I’ve had 2 really useful virtual sessions with Jon after a fall whilst running and cant believe how much progress I’ve made using his self treatment advice and rehab plan !

Paul Treacy

Excellent, prompt, help. Jon W Sports Injury got me ready for a very busy golf trip, addressed the immediate problems and gave me great exercises to maintain my health through the time I was away. Very impressed with all they do.

Graham Cheshire

I’ve recently had a remote appointment with Jon with regards to a running injury. Jon was very thorough and soon identified the problem. Having never experienced any type of physio before he was very friendly, made me feel at ease, explained everything in detail and also made sure I understood and had the opportunity to ask questions whenever I needed. Within minutes of the appointment ending I had an email with my recovery program with pictures and links to show how to do the stretches and exercises and also follow up emails asking how I was getting on, with the offer of further help or a future appointment. Within 4 days I’ve seen a vast improvement & managed to run again. Highly recommend Jon and his company. Best money I’ve spent in a long time ! Thank you

Julie Brown

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