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We believe strongly that every person who comes into the clinic is an individual. As a result we believe that everyone deserves an individualised rehabilitation program. 


During an appointment at our Orpington and Bromley clinics we want to understand your why. Why do you want to be free from pain? Perhaps so you can lift weights, play sport, work pain free or even sleep more comfortably. 

Once we understand your why, we can set a long term goal and then a series of short term goals that will lead to that long term goal. 

These not be individualised to allow them to be the correct exercises for your current stage of injury or fitness and to achieve your persoanl goals. 

We use software to send out personalised programs that have explained pictures and videos so you can continue your rehabilitation journey even when away from the clinic. 

This allows you to speak directly with your therapists to ensure that you progress through the short term goals in order to achieve your why. 

Rehabilitation exercises may target improvements in strength, flexibility, speed or endurance. 

We believe rehabilitation programs should not be too time consuming so they are easy to schedule into everyday schedule. 

Little and often is our key to success! 

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We want to provide you with an individualised rehabilitation program. 

  • Programs are planned to provide you with progressive exercises at the correct level for your injury and fitness.
  • All rehabilitation programs are built with software to allow for you to be clear on how to perform your exercises.
  • All exercise programs are designed to be short and specific to allow them to fit within your daily schedule
  • Consistency is the key in achieving your rehabilitation goals.