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Physio Orpington & Bromley. Sports Injury. Injury Prevention. Sports Massage.

We help people of all ages and abilities achieve their health and wellness goals. We do this by reducing pain, increasing flexibility and building strength.

Bromley and Orpington Physio

Our team comprises leading Physiotherapists, Sports Physios and Sports Injury Therapists.

We pride ourselves on working with all ages and abilities. Whatever your goal, we look forward to helping you achieve it via specialised Physiotherapy and Sports Injury treatment and rehabilitation plans.

We are based in the fantastic facilities of Bromley Tennis Centre, Orpington and The Warren, Hayes.

We have a fun, friendly but highly professional approach that has allowed us to build a fantastic community. We would love to welcome you to one of our clinics. 

Sports Physio and Massage

We would love to help you improve mobility and strength to return to the things you love to do, free from pain.

So if you are looking for Physiotherapy, Sports Injury or Sports Massage we would love to welcome you to our clinics in Orpington and Hayes (Bromley), Kent.

Our promise to you

At Jon W Sports Injury Orpington and Bromley you will:

  • Be treated an as individual, with personal symptoms and reasons for wanting to be pain-free
  • Have a deep investigation to find the problem and importantly the cause.
  • Be provided manual soft tissue therapy to correct your pain or restrictions. All appointments include Sports Massage.
  • Be provided an individual rehabilitation program, composed of pictures and videos with exercises for you.

Our Services

During an appointment, we will identify the injury and the cause and provide the necessary treatment along with a sport specific rehabilitation program to fully rehabilitate the injury.

We believe in providing the best treatment sessions at the most competitive prices.

Injury Identification

Injury identification

We complete a full assessment and perform all relevant special tests to establish not only what your injury is but also what is causing it. We place huge importance on treating the cause, not just the effect.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is used in all treatments (including the first appointment). We are a manual clinic and pride ourselves on our manual skills to ease your symptoms and improve your tissue quality.



We will help you increase your strength and make your body prepared for the demands that you want to place under. Your personalised rehabilitation plan will be designed to allow you to meet your individual goals.



We will use both manual and stretching techniques to increase your mobility. This will allow you greater movement and ease the pressure on your joints. This will form a key part of your personalised rehabilitation plans.

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The Shockwave Clinic

At Jon W Sports Injury and Physiotherapy we are a leading provider of the non-invassive, non surgical treatment for muscle and joint pain. We use cutting-edge technology to provide effective pain relief via Shockwave Therapy (ESWT). Shockwave Therapy is typicqally used on chronic tendon issues.

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Where Is Your Pain?

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