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Jon W Sports Injury

We believe in providing the best treatment sessions at the most competitive prices.

Team of Therapists

Jon W Sports Injury is a friendly Sports Injury Clinic, with locations in Orpington and Hayes, Kent.

Our team of therapists has a combined experience of over twenty years in professional and semi professional sports.

We pride ourselves on being very approachable and knowledgeable.

During an appointment, we will identify the injury and the cause and provide the necessary treatment along with a sport specific rehabilitation program to fully rehabilitate the injury.

Meet the Team

Meet The Team Of Physios, Sports Physios and Sports Injury Therapists at our Orpington Clinics

Jon - Head Therapist - Orpington

Head Therapist (Orpington Clinic)

Jon White

Jon is our Head Therapist after starting the clinic in 2007 with a simple aim of being able to provide the highest level of persoanlised care at affordable prices. Jon has worked in both professional and semi-professional football as well as played semi-professional football with Holmesdale FC and worked with many elite athletes. However he loves working with all types of people with a goal in mind!

Jon has degrees in Sports and Exercise Science and Sports Rehabilitation from the University of Exeter and Surrey respectively.

Jon takes great passion in not only diagnosing and treating injuries but designing sport specific rehabilitation program to ensure a smooth return to sport.

Jon is also a FA Level 2 Football coach and has considerable experience working with professional Academies.

Sean - Sports Injury Therapist - Orpington

Senior Therapist (Orpington Clinic)

Sean Wickenden

Sean is our Senior Therapist. Sean brings a wealth of experience and diversity as he is a Sports Therapist and Physiotherapist as well as being the former Head Therapist for Bromley FC and Bromley FC Academy.

Sean is incredibly passionate about providing a personalised service with current methods.

Sean has a degree in Sports Therapy for the University of Chichester and a Master in Physiotherapy from London South Bank University. 

Sean is an affiliated member of the football medical association (FMA)


Sports Injury Therapist (Orpington and Bromley Clinic)

Ellie Harris

Ellie joined the team in 2024.

Ellie brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for helping individuals overcome sports-related challenges.

Alongside her recent BSc in Sports Therapy, Ellie boasts a diverse background in high-level training and coaching, specializing in trampolining and general gymnastics for all ages and abilities.

Callum- Sports Injury Therapist - Orpington

Sports Injury Therapist (Orpington Clinic)

James Pullen

James has experience in professional, academy and non-league football, having worked with Leyton Orient FC and St Albans City FC.

James also developed his clinical experience previously in Jon W Sports Injury Clinic as an intern.

This all comes alongside a Sports Therapy degree from the University of Hertfordshire, graduating in 2023.

James is also currently studying for his Masters in Advanced Physiotherapy.

Alfie Orington

Sports Injury Therapist and Clinic Manager (Orpington Clinic)

Alfie Savage

Alfie is our Clinic Manager. Alfie joined the team officially in 2021 but started his career with Jon W Sports Injury in 2017.

Alfie is incredibly passionate about his profession and loves working with individuals to achieve their goals.

Alfie has very strong manual skills and also a keen eye for developing the perfect rehabilitation program.

Alfie has a keen interest for a variety of sports but is certianly the guy to come too for all things strength rehab! He is a keen football fan, rugby player but can most commonly been found in the CrossFit gym.

Danny Orpington

Sports Injury Therapist (Orpington Clinic)

Danny Vincent

Danny graduated from St Mary’s University in 2019, in Sport Rehabilitation. Gaining huge amounts of knowledge in injury assessments, sports massage and functional rehabilitation exercises.

He also has a keen interest in football, previously playing to a high level, utilising this passion to previously working with Charlton Athletic & Bromley FC.

Danny’s experience of previously playing high level football, means he understands the importance to perform and exercise without complications.

Combining his qualification as a FA Level 2 football coach and a BASRaT registered Sport Rehabilitator.