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What is Sports Therapy?

on June 30, 2020

What is Sports Therapy?

Sports therapy is an aspect of global health that is increasingly becoming popular due to its positive results in sports. Sports therapy simply focuses on preparing athletes, both mentally and physically for maximum performance on the field and during training. Most often these athletes are treated as patients, especially in cases where they need rehabilitation after suffering from an injury or an accident.

Nowadays, the training requirements and nature of most sports have made it tough for both professional and amateur sports men and women. Due to the demanding and competitive nature of most games, many athletes sometimes go through a lot of depression and psychological stress, which could be overwhelming. This often results in injuries or poor performance.

Nevertheless, sports therapy has been specially designed to help athletes to handle physical and mental stress, both on and off the pitch. That said, a major focus of sports therapists is to prevent injuries among athletes and to equally help them recover faster from unavoidable injuries.

Well, our sports injury clinic has a team of highly skilled and experienced sports therapists who are always ready to put in their best to help clients achieve both physical and mental stability. So far, we have served a multitude of clients in the towns of Orpington and Bromley in Kent, Kent.

What is sports massage?

Our sports injury clinic also offers exceptional sports massage services in Orpington and Kent. Massage is actually one of the earliest forms of physical therapy that was used thousands of years back in places like India China and Greece.

Sports massage is basically a type of massage that focuses on manipulating the soft tissue of people who are engaged in regular physical activities. It should be noted that soft tissue includes the skin, tendons, muscles, ligaments and fascia. Of course, these are all connective tissues which haven’t hardened into bones or cartilage.

The goal of sports massage is actually to correct all those imbalances and problems in soft tissue that result from strenuous sports or physical activities. It therefore goes without saying that the proper application of sports massage can go a long way to prevent injury, aid recovery as well as enhance performance in athletes.

What is the difference between physiotherapy and sports therapy?

Most often a lot of clients try to inquire whether they need physiotherapy or sports therapy. Well, even though both professions are geared towards treating musculoskeletal disorders, they are some key differences in their approaches. The role of a physiotherapist is to help people who are affected by an illness, a disability or an injury. More so, a physiotherapist helps in managing pain and equally in preventing diseases in their patients, irrespective of their ages. This is usually achieved through manual therapy, movement and exercise as well as through education and advice. Physiotherapists can therefore help improve the symptoms of a range of conditions including, neurological, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, etc.

Sports therapy on the other hand, focuses on musculoskeletal disorders, by treating pain and injury through hands-on-treatment and rehabilitative care. The goal of sports therapy is indeed to restore, maintain as well as maximize movements in a bid to relieve pain so that the patient can cope with physical and sporting activities.

Although sports therapy and physiotherapy have many similarities and may sometimes even overlap in each other’s treatment program, there are still some key differences;

  • Physiotherapists have broader knowledge about the medical profession and this explains why they are allowed to treat illnesses and diseases, including respiratory and neurological issues. Meanwhile sports therapists are more exposed to sporting environments. Thus, there are quite efficient in preventing sports injuries through well designed strengthening programs.
  • Physiotherapists focus on rehabilitating patients so that they can feel comfortable and be able to cope with their day to day activities. Sports therapists on the other hand ensure that their patients maintain the required physical level that is needed for specific sporting activities.

However, our sports injury clinic focuses mainly on musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Thus, if you need the services of a sports therapist around Orpington and Bromley in Kent, you should feel free to contact us. We have some of the best professionals in the field, so rest assured you would be totally satisfied with our services.