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How you should massage gun your calf

on February 5, 2023

As a valued member, I wanted to share with you a new video that has just been added to our YouTube channel as this is the answer to one of the most common questions we get asked


“How do I use my massage gun?”


In this video, I want to demonstrate how to effectively use a massage gun on your calf muscle to relieve tightness and pain. Say goodbye to calf pain and tightness with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Learn the correct techniques and pressure points to achieve optimal results.


This video is a must-watch if you are looking to relieve calf muscle tension, increase mobility and enhance overall wellness. You can watch the video by clicking on the link below.


In this video I will discuss:


Which parts of the calf muscle do you need to address

How long to use your massage gun for

Which head should you use on your massage gun

What speed should your massage gun be on

massage gun