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Ankle Sprains: What are they and how to fix them!

on October 5, 2022
What Is An Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries suffered. They happen when the ankle twists or rolls, causing damage to the ligaments that hold your bones together.

A sprain is a stretch or tear in a ligament. The most common type of sprain is an ankle sprain, which occurs when you twist your ankle and overstretch or tear one of the ligaments that hold your bones together.

The most common ankle sprain to suffer is a lateral ankle sprain, when the foot rolls outwards and pain is suffered on the outside of the ankle.

How Does An Ankle Sprain Feel?

The most common symptom of an ankle sprain is pain in the area surrounding the joint. In some cases, swelling will be present as well. The ankle joint does have a tendency to have excessive swelling immediately following the injury. The pain may worsen when you put weight on the injured foot. You may also notice issues with balance on the injured side.

Treatment Of An Ankle Sprain?

The treatment of an ankle sprain is dependent on the severity and type of injury.

In severe cases an X Ray should be completed to rule out a fracture.

Once a sprain is sustained it is important to first manage the symptoms of the sprain. This may be supported by ice and rest.

However, as soon as possible work should be completed to restore the strength of the ligaments. This should be completed with progressive exercises with an emphasis of balance.

What Is Usually Missed In An Ankle Sprain

One of our frustrations are when ankle sprains are ‘under rehabbed’.

We find that people often find themselves able to return to walking or even jogging relatively quickly. However, there are still vital stages that must be completed to prevent a frustrating re occurrence.

On attending either our OrpingtonBromley or Virtual clinic we can ensure the ankle has regained its full strength so that the joint has the sufficient capabilities that you are looking to place upon it.