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How you can run further, faster, pain free and not have to try any harder

In this webinar you will learn:

What is heart rate training

How to calculate your training zone

How to work out when you should run fast and when you should run slowly?

How to increase your mileage without getting injured?

Is a chest strap or wrist strap heart rate monitor better?

This is so good!! Thanks feel so much better!

James Treacy

 I am honestly finding this fascinating! Will be applying this in my runs going forward. Thank you ?

Laura Claire

Very interesting. Just read 80/20 running & this was clearer in 30 mins, than the whole book

Lee Inchley

Great information and extremely helpful in understanding hr running.

Hells Cattran-Dunlop

We Can Asses and Rehabilitate You

We are based in Orpington and Bromley, Kent but we also have our Virtual Clinic. So matter where you are we can catch up with you. 

This will allow us to: 

Discuss with you about your individual goals and issues

Highlight any areas of weakness to be strengthened

Identify tight muscle structures and increase their flexibility to reduce pain

Apply manual techniques to improve your soft tissue performance

Produce a personalised rehabilitation program for you