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How to beat your
Shoulder Pain

How to beat your shoulder pain

The shoulder joint (Glenohumeral Joint) can be fantastic as it allows more movement than any other joint in our body. However, there is a compromise. What it gains in mobility it lacks in stability. The shoulder joint is held in place by four muscles, this structure is collectively called the rotator cuff.

The rotator cuff is not as strong as it could be and has several tendons running through tight spaces, thus, the shoulder joint is susceptible to several injuries including rotator cuff strains, dislocations and impingement syndromes

Do you feel pain when lifting your arm out to the side? It might be painful when trying to reach behind your back or wash your hair? Does the pain start in the shoulder and radiate down your arm?

These are all very typical symptoms and occasions of pain we see in the clinic. These are not things that you have to put up with! We can certainly look to improve your symptoms without the use of pills or excessive use of supports.

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