Sports Injury Clinic

Sports Injury Clinic specialising in Severs Disease. Locations in Orpington and Bromley as well as a Virtual Clinic.

How we can help you to cure Severs Disease in as little as two weeks (even if you have tried other methods)

The unique proven method, created by Sports Injury Specilaist and Recognised Author in Severs Disease, to help you remove the pain and allow your child to return to the exercise they love

Have you heard ‘Its just growing pains, it will go away‘ or ‘they should just try to play through it!‘.

We hear these statements everyday and WE HATE THEM! We believe they are providing you and your child a disservice.

As a result at Jon W Sports Injury, we wanted to do more! We have been on a journey to educate people in exactly what Severs Disease and empower them to overcome it. 


Did you know that studies have shown that over 20% of adolescent athletes can suffer from Severs Disease? In our clinical experience, we have seen children who have been away from their sport for up to a year before seeking help…

Here’s the problem you face: as a parent, it is often difficult to distinguish what pains are serious and which are ones that will take care of themselves.

However, if your child is suffering from Severs Disease sadly this is one that will only get worse. Plus, if it hasn’t already, it will prevent your child from taking part in sport and exercise.

Sadly, Severs Disease is one of the misunderstood sporting conditions. These misunderstandings and poor advice lead to children missing uneccessary time away from sport or suffering extensive pain that is uneccssary.

However, we have a solution! One that will prevent your child from taking extra months away from their sport or suffering excessive pain. In our clinics, we cure hundreds of cases of Severs Disease using our unique program.

Are you ready to start your journey in removing Severs Disease?

We would be happy to work with you. You can either :

1. Visit one of our clinics for a face to face appointment.

2. Attend our virtual clinic


Face To Face Appointment

Book an assessment at one of our clinics and one of our team can begin working with you and your child to overcome Osgood Schlatter Disease.




Virtual Clinic

Join one of our team over the internet. We can conduct an appointment in the same manner as a face to face appointment. Completing testing, manual work and providing a personalised rehabilitation program. 

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