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“Are you a runner? We are a leading Physiotherapy, Sports Injury, Sports Physio Treatment or Sports Massage clinic in Orpington and Bromley, Kent

If so we want to help you run faster, longer and pain free.

Watch the video to understand more.


Running Sports Injury clinics in Orpington and Bromley as well as our Virtual Clinic 


We believe there is no better feeling than lacing up the trainers and getting out for a run. Does that sound like you?

As a result, we want to help as many people as we can to get the huge amount of physical and mental benefits that running can bring. 

Whether you are looking to run 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon or even Ultra Marathon, or are just a gentle plodder we would love to help you.

We can do this in a variety of ways.

Can we email you our FREE ebook?

This is an interactive ebook so it has written content and videos. I have written the book to try and cover the most common running questions we get asked in our clinics. 

It includes:

Should I and When Should I Stretch?

How can I help myself to recover from runs?

My knees hurt during and after running!

Some people tell me to foam roll the ITB. Others say it doesn’t work. What is the truth?

Do I need a foam roller?

What equipment should a runner have?

Lower Leg Pain-I have pain in my shins, heels and ankles during and after running?

Are there any strengthening exercises you would recommend for runners?

More detailed information on common injuries in running?

How To Recover From Injury?

Whilst the recovery from an injury requires a specialist assessment, individual treatment and personalised rehabilitation program we want to try to provide you a five-point plan.

1. Identify The Injury (Please see the video on the most common running injuries we see)

2. Assess your flexibility (Please see below video on how to assess your flexibility)

3. Improve the tissue quality of the contributing muscles (Please see the video on how to use a foam roller and other massage devices)

4. Improve your flexibility (Please see the video on the seven key stretches for runners)

5. Improve your strength (Please see the video on the six key strength exercises for runners) 

We Can Assess and Rehabilitate You

We are based in Orpington and Bromley, Kent but we also have our Virtual Clinic. So matter where you are we can catch up with you. 

This will allow us to: 

Discuss with you about your individual goals and issues

Highlight any areas of weakness to be strengthened

Identify tight muscle structures and increase their flexibility to reduce pain

Apply manual techniques to improve your soft tissue performance

Produce a personalised rehabilitation program for you  

“I started going to Jon W Sports Injury last January as part of my marathon training programme. They are extremely knowledgeable and take a genuine interest in your goals and do what they can/offer loads of advice to help you achieve those.”

Cheryl Duke

I’ve recently had a remote appointment with Jon with regards to a running injury. Jon was very thorough and soon identified the problem. Having never experienced any type of physio before he was very friendly, made me feel at ease, explained everything in detail and also made sure I understood and had the opportunity to ask questions whenever I needed. Within minutes of the appointment ending I had an email with my recovery program with pictures and links to show how to do the stretches and exercises and also follow up emails asking how I was getting on, with the offer of further help or a future appointment. Within 4 days I’ve seen a vast improvement & managed to run again. Highly recommend Jon and his company. Best money I’ve spent in a long time ! Thank you
Julie Brown

Are you running a Half Marathon or Marathon? We can help…..

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