Growing Pains – Osgood sclatter disease-Severs disease: What are they?

At Jon W Sports Injury we specialise in working with children suffering from ‘growing pains’ or ‘growth-related injuries’.

We have over a decade of experience working with young athletes and as a result, have developed a large amount of expertise in how to overcome them.

Two of the most common ‘growth-related injuries we work with are Osgood Schlatter Disease and Severs Disease.

Has your child been diagnosed with Osgood Schlatter Disease or Severs Disease?

Growth related injuries are a different type of injury as puberty has a huge part to play in them. As a result, we believe people to do not give them the attention they deserve and common advice given is either ‘rest for a large period of time’ or ‘just play through the pain’.

However, at Jon W Sports Injury we hate this advice! We want to give your child’s pain the specific attention it deserves. We assess each child as an individual, diagnose their injury and the cause making sure your child fully understands what is occurring. A treatment plan and rehabilitation program can then be started ensuring that your child has a minimum time away from the sport they love and removes the pain quickly and without reoccurrence.

Step One

Book an assessment for your child at one of our clinics. At the assessment we can discuss your child’s pain, identify the cause and explain the injury.

Step Two

A treatment program can begin with the sole aim of removing your child’s painful symptoms. We place large importance on discussing with your child the purpose of what we are doing for them.

Step Three

An individual rehabilitation plan for your child is formed. Our programs are broken down into stages which your child can work through and can be monitored by you and your therapist. This will allow us to identify a safe return to sport and exercise. Our programs have been designed following a decade of experience of helping athletes remove the pains associated with growing pains
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Our Unique Rehabilitation Program

We have a unique staged program to fully rehabilitate your child’s injury. Our Therapists can work with your child through this program involving treatment and exercises individually to their needs.


The Increasing Range Phase


The Non Weight Bearing Phase


The Frontal Plane Phase


The Sagittal Plane Phase


The Transverse Plane Phase


The Dynamic ‘Final’ Phase

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