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The Latest Equipment To Help Your Recovery
There may be certain stages of rehabilitation where it is not suitable to provide our typical range of exercises or treatment. As a result, we have the latest technology to help you continue your rehabilitation. This can be hired for your personal use to continue your care in the comfort of your own home.

Compex 8.0

Compex 8.0 is a leading wireless complex machine. This allows you to stimulate muscle tissue through electrical stimulation. This is fantastic to prevent muscle wastage if load-bearing activity is not possible. This is a great tool for post operative care to kick start muscle building and prevent muscle wastage.


We recommend a minimum of two weeks usuage to achieve the goals of compex.

£25 for 2 weeks.

£45 for 1 month.


The Game Ready GR Pro 2.1 takes both compressive and cryo (ice) therapy to the next level and is a revolutionary piece of technology for early and acute care. The Game Ready easily allows you to adjust temperature and time settings with ease. We have calf, elbow, knee and ankle wraps available.


£50 for one week

£150 for one month