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How to beat your
Back Pain

How to beat your back pain

I recently read an article that suspects nearly half of the adult population in the UK are living with chronic pain – and back pain is one of the biggest causes.

As soon as people experience pain in the back, we are quick to thinkthat it is the ‘black spot’, ‘something serious’, ‘in for life’, or one we hear often,‘something that should be expected with age’.

In our clinical experience we see the majority of cases being solved easily with correction of muscular imbalances, muscle flexibility or posture. Often yielding very quick results. 

Back pain can typically be a pain running across the lower back. It can also commonly refer down into the legs or arms. Do you experience a tightness or sharpness when leaning forwards? Are everyday tasks like putting your socks on starting to become difficult? These are all very common situations we see in the clinic and can provide assistance. These are not things that should be put out with, or covered by pills.

Where Is Your Pain?

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