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Affiliate Program

Are you a personal trainer or coach and interested in becoming an affiliated partner of ours?

Our affiliation scheme allows you to have a professional injury service for your clients and help them work with you and achieve their goals whilst earning passive income.

Here at Jon W Sports Injury, we pride ourselves in providing a leading Sports Injury service who take great pride in helping our clients and are looking to work with like-minded individuals just like you!

Hows does the scheme work?

Once you become an affiliated partner we provide you with a code. This code can be entered by your client for every appointment they have with us. The code entitles them to a £2.50 discount off each appointment.

We then check how many times that code has been used and pay you £2 for every time the code is used. If your clients used the code 10 times in a month, we pay you £20. Or if the code is used ten times you can also exchange that for a FREE 30 minute treatment session with us.

We value your professional integrity?

We want to work with people who have a passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. We greatly value being able to work with you and your clients in assisting them to achieve these. As a result, we want to provide as much value as we can to both your clients and you. 

Please feel free to download our free e-book we put together for  Sports Coaches and Personal Trainers.

To become an affiliate partner please contact us below and we look forward to working with you. Please feel free to use this form to ask any questions.