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Stretch your hamstrings the right way!

on January 30, 2022

Today I want to talk about hamstrings!

In this video I discuss

  • What are the hamstrings?
  • Why the can easily become ‘tight’.
  • Why you may be stretching them incorrectly.
  • How to stretch them to get the best ‘bang for your buck’.

A quick and interesting fact. Do you know why the hamstrings are called ‘the hamstrings’. Well the hamstrings have tendons that attach to the back of the knee. In previous years, the Butchers would use these tendons to hang their pigs from when selling them. Hence the name ‘ham’ ‘strings’. That is interesting right? Or am I just that much of an anatomy geek. Please do not answer that. However, if it is interesting please feel free to watch and like the video and that will show me it is an interesting fact and cheer me up. Everyone likes to learn something new everyday right?!

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Hamstring stretch