Sports Injury Clinic

Squat without pain

on December 27, 2021

Today we wanted to discuss the squat.

Squats are the most common exercise that we do.

We are born with a perfect ability to squat. Picture a young toddler, just learning to walk. However, they can squat like a pro. Not only with perfect form but they can sit in the squat position for hours, pain free!

So why does the squat become more painful as we get older….

It is a great mobility exercise that focuses on the hips, ankles, and toes. Squatting also helps to improve your balance and stability.

Squats are an essential part of our fitness routine. They can help with hip mobility, ankle stability and balance as well as improving overall mobility in the body. Squats are also good for your core muscles because they engage all of these muscle groups.

However it can be hard to do squats correctly with bad form which may lead to injury or discomfort for your joints.

So in this video Jon discusses how to squat to prevent you suffering pain. Watch this video and return to being able to squat like you did when you were two….

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