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Marathon Runner? You need to read this

on June 6, 2021

If you are preparing for a marathon I hope to make this content some of the most valuable information you will receive on your journey. This training method can be transformational for runners.

So we have hit that time of year and we have started to see marathon runners beginning their training plans.

In truth, this is my favourite time of year! I am a self-confessed marathon geek. I always have been. My Dad used to consider me a very strange ten year who would watch the whole BBC Coverage of the London Marathon.

I remember being fascinated by testing your endurance to that extreme. This fascination has only grown as my years have advanced.

My passion comes in how deep-rooted in science I believe marathon running is. The body is a truly fascinating beast and nothing highlights it more than marathon running.

In this Vlog Webinar, I wanted to develop this point and discuss the importance of heart rate training.

I believe this is the training method that must be adopted in every marathon training campaign. I feel that this style of training allows you to run further, faster and dramatically reduce the risk of injury.

So in this webinar, I wanted to discuss and explain this further. I discuss:

  • What Is Heart Rate Training?
  • How You Can Apply It To Your Training?
  • What Equipment Do You Require?
  • Why It Will Work For You!

Find out why this is one of our most popular webinars? So why wait, here is the webinar CLICK TO PLAY

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