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Our Top Tips To Beat Elbow Pain

on February 8, 2021

Top 5 Tips For Beating Elbow Pain (Tennis and Golfers Elbow)


The elbow is a vulnerable joint that has a large amount of muscle attachment. It is therefore very commonly damaged and tennis/golfers elbow have become well known conditions as a result. These conditions are damage at the outside or inside of the elbow, respectively, caused by excessive muscular force on the attachment points.


Here are our five tips for beating elbow pain:




The common conditions are usually muscle-related, therefore stretching of the muscle structures is very important in resolving the condition. Typical stretches involve flexing and extending the wrist.


2. ICE

Tennis and golfers elbow often cause inflammation at the tendon site. Ice or cold compression on the sore area of the elbow can help to reduce pain and inflammation.



Massage, either by a trained professional or self-massage, can be very helpful in relaxing the musculature that attaches to the elbow. This can help to reduce and eliminate pain.



Appropriate taping, such as kinesiology, can provide support to the injured area, relax the surrounding muscle structures and ultimately reduce pain.



It is only when you experience pain at the elbow that you realise how often you use your forearm! Clients often complain of daily activities, such as picking up the kettle or turning a door knob, as impossible. It is important to rest from painful activities in order to allow the area to be fully rehabilitated. And remember that you don’t have to have hit a tennis ball to have tennis elbow; the condition is termed lateral epicondylitis and can affect anyone.