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The 5 most annoying gym users (and some of the ones we love!)

on January 20, 2021

We all like the gym, after all what a great place! A place where we all go to be fitter and stronger. Somewhere we can unite with a shared goal of being a better version of us…

However, there a few types of people who can make it a slightly less pleasurable place, so we thought we would discuss a few…

1. The Poser

There are always some incredibly impressive people in the gym. These are great, they provide the rest of us inspiration! However, be humble in your approach.
There is nothing worse than an Adonis, completing his or her curls whilst looking around at the rest of us mere mortals with a derogatory look. We are trying our best. However, please don’t make us feel bad. You may not have young children or extensive work demands. You may have some luxury items like sleep or disposable income to spend on your lovely gym gear. If you don’t have these things, then please teach me…

2. The Phone User

There are some frightening stats around how extensively we use our phones. I am not going to sound like an old man moaning about a better time without technology. However, I do believe that a gym should be a phone free place! Remember why we are there and I am sure the twenty minutes you have just taken to get that perfect mirror selfie has lost the benefit of that set.

3. The Noise Maker

I do appreciate that a gym isn’t a library. However, surely some of those noises are unnecessary. An excessive grunt on every rep can really be off putting for the rest of us.

4. The ‘Hogger’

We all like to get the best out of each work and want everyone to achieve their goals. However, a gym is a communal place and we all would like to use the equipment. So simple rule no lingering! Use your machine and then on to the next one! No selfie required.

5. The Sweater

So, I run the risk of being a massive hypocrite here, as I have been known to sweat. However, I am aware of this, so a towel accompanies me to my workout. Nothing is worse than arriving to a piece of equipment that looks like it has been for a swim!

To conclude on a more positive note here are some of the people we love to see in the gym!

1. The Elderly

Age is just a number. I hate to here in clinic that someone is unable to do something because of their age. There are reasons we are unable to do things, but age simply isn’t one of them. There are constant examples of people proving this. So, you elderly in the gym not allowing age to be a limiting factor, you rock!

2. Children

You are never too young to get into good habits. With the rise in childhood obesity much publicised I love to see the youth in the gym. Make it a habit guys…

3. The Adonis

As long as you don’t fall into ‘The Poser’ category, you are my inspiration. Whilst we may all be slightly jealous of you we are unable to deny you make us work out that little bit harder.

4. The ‘Tryers’

You may not have the perfect gym body yet and you may be carrying an extra pound or two (who isn’t?!). However, you are the epiphany of the everyday person. The most important thing is you are there. For that, we salute you. Remember you are lapping the person lying on the sofa.

5. The Smilers

It is ok to smile at the gym. After all, you are releasing endorphins and all that good stuff. So lift that weight, run that mile and enjoy!