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Hip Pain:Our Top Five Tips

on October 26, 2020

The Hip joint is a very stable joint and therefore injuries such as dislocations are rare.
It is a joint that the body relies on for stability for all the lower limb with lots of strong musculatures supporting it. However, the density and reliance upon these muscle structures can lead to many injuries in the area.

Snapping hip, bursitis, arthritis is all very common in the area. Here are our five top tips to beat hip pain.

  1. Diagnose. The hip is a very complicated joint with a large amount of muscles crossing and affecting the hip. These include gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, groins, hip flexors, Sartorius and TFL. Therefore, if you feel hip pain seek professional attention as self diagnosis could be confusing and misguided.


  1. Stretch. Due to the quantity of muscles that affect the hip these muscles can commonly become tight and compress the hip often leading to injuries such as bursitis. Thus, having a good range of motion is very helpful at the hip joint. A stretching program covering all the previously mentioned muscles can be very helpful in improving pain.


  1. Roll. It is very common to have several trigger points around the hip, especially around the gluteal muscles. The use of a foam roller can be very beneficial when used correctly.


  1. Strengthen. It is common to have muscle imbalances within the complex muscle structures of the hip. It is particularly common for the gluteal muscles to be inactive. Strengthening exercises will correct these imbalances. However, care should be taken as the correct muscles to strengthen should be identified. At Jon W Sports Injury, we can provide specific hip strengthening programs.


  1. Ice. Using cold therapy can be helpful for inflammatory conditions of the hip, such as bursitis. Ice is also a great pain killer.

In this webinar Jon discusses some of the common injuries in the hip including glutes, hip flexors, snapping hip, piriformis syndrome, trochanteric bursitis and more…