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on June 2, 2020

Top 5 Tips for Beating Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint (Glenohumeral Joint) allows more movement than any other joint in the body, however, there is a compromise. It’s gains in mobility create a lack of stability. The shoulder joint is held in place by four muscles, this structure is collectively called the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is not as strong as it could be and has several tendons running though tight spaces, thus, the shoulder joint is susceptible to several injuries including dislocation and impingement syndromes. Here are some top tips to beating shoulder pain:


The rotator cuff can commonly become tight – weight lifting or sitting at a desk can be common causes of this. The muscles can be difficult to target and stretch, so seek advice from a professional to gain a specific and relevant stretching program.


There are several trigger points in the muscles of the shoulder, particularly common around the shoulder blade. Try placing a tennis ball between your shoulder blade and a wall and roll it around until you find these points… you will know when you have found one!! Hold still when you find a trigger point, and then slowly use small movements to break down the adhesions.


It is common to have muscle imbalances within the rotator cuff, strengthening exercises will correct these imbalances. Care should be taken as the muscles can be difficult to isolate – Jon W Sports Injury can provide specific shoulder strengthening programs.


Shoulder impingements will cause referral pain down the arm. Don’t assume your arm pain is an issue with the arm – the shoulder may be the problem.

  1. REST

It is important with shoulder injuries to allow suitable time to recover. This can often be very frustrating but if you speak to Jon W Sports Injury, we can advise you on alternative exercises, allowing time for the shoulder to heal.