Sports Injury Clinic

How we help the people of Bromley to increase flexibility, mobility and strength to be free from pain and enjoy doing the things they love to do.

on November 25, 2019

Have you been to our Bromley Clinic?

We wanted to tell you why we feel we are a leading Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic in Bromley and would love to help you!


  • At our first consultation, we want to understand your why! We all have different hopes, goals and things we enjoy. By understanding what you want to achieve, we can get busy treating you as an individual to allow YOU to hit YOUR goals.
  • We provide specialist hands-on treatment from your very first appointment. We hate it when we hear people have been for a Physiotherapy appointment and not been touched! We provide a combination of Sports Massage and Manual Therapy carried about by our team of Physiotherapists and Sports Injury Therapists. Therefore, you will receive hands-on treatment from a specialist to speed your recovery and be back in action, better than before!
  • We treat the problem and the cause. It is important to remember that most injury is caused by somewhere else. We believe good Physiotherapy and Sports Injury treatment need to treat both the problem and the cause. This will not only allow you to be pain-free but also increase strength, flexibility and mobility to prevent the pain from coming back. Therefore, you can carry on doing the things you love for longer.
  • We provide you with an individualised Physiotherapy/Sports Injury rehabilitation program with pictures and videos. This allows you to conduct your exercises, at home and with guidance, to work back towards doing the things you enjoy!
  • We will follow up with you. We take great pride in helping you hit your targets so we want to go beyond the Therapy Clinic. We will contact you to see how it is all going so you can not have any confusion over how to become fully rehabilitated.


Interested in hearing more about our Physiotherapy, Sports Injury and Sports Massage clinic in Bromley, Hayes…..


We are very fortunate to be based in the beautiful building of The Warren, Croydon Road, Hayes.


We are based in the Hobbit building where we have a treatment room, waiting room and outside space that allows us to deliver leading Physiotherapy, Sports Injury and Sports Massage treatments.

Bromley Treatment

Warren Waiting Area


One of our favourite things about our Bromley, Hayes clinic is the relaxed feel of the beautiful grounds which we feel allows for the perfect environment to rehabilitate and improve.


Who will you meet there?


Two of our Physiotherapy and Sports Injury team are based at Bromley, Hayes.


In case you haven’t met them….


Sean Wickenden

Sean - Sports Injury Therapist - Bromley

  • Sean is our Senior Therapist.
  • Sean joined the clinic in 2014.
  • Sean is also the Head Therapist for Bromley FC and Bromley FC Academy and as a result brings a wealth of experience.
  • Sean is incredibly passionate about providing a personalised service with current methods.
  • Sean has a degree in Sports Therapy for the University of Chichester.
  • Sean is an affiliated member of the football medical association (FMA).
  • Sean is also working towards a Master Degree in Physiotherapy.


Steph Apps


  • Steph is a Sports Injury Therapist.
  • Steph graduated in Sports Therapy from the University of Chichester in 2016.
  • Steph joined the clinic in 2019 and was an instant hit with everyone!
  • Steph also works in Football as the Head Sports Injury Therapist at semi professional side Horsham FC.
  • Steph has extensive experience analysing a wide array of injuries and providing necessary treatment measures.
  • Steph has a fantastic rapport and personality that allows her to be a very popular member of the team for our clients.