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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a flat tummy! They look great. Plus having a strong core is fantastic to help prevent or cure lower back pain. However, so many people create back pain in trying to achieve the allusive ‘six pack’. Sadly the sit up involves a lot of flexion of the spine under load. However, the sit up is not the only exercise to work those stomach muscles. So below we have listed five exercises that we love to develop the stomach without compromising the back.


  1. Reverse sit up


So the sit up is lying on your back and bringing the chest towards your bent knees, creating excessive lumbar spine flexion as a result.


However, why not brings the knees to chest leaving your back flat. This is a reverse sit up. Lying on your back bring your knees towards your chest and then slowly return them to the floor.



2. Plank with knee cross


The plank is an exercise that allows the stomach to be worked with the back flat. The way to get a complete stomach and core work out is to incorporate rotational movement into the workout. Why not add an extra element to your plank by bringing the knee towards the opposite elbow. This allows you to add rotation to your work out and keep your back flat.


3. Plank with knee sides


There is more to the core than just the six pack muscles. The oblique muscles are often forgotten but of upmost importance. In a plank position lifting the knee towards the same elbow. This will allow the oblique muscles to be incorporated into your stomach workout.


4. Standing arm twists


When done correctly this exercise is much harder than it looks. The key is to keep the hips still. In a standing position place your hands directly in front of you. Then rotate the hands are far as you can in one direction, without moving your hips. Now rotate the hands in the other direction maintaining the position of the hips. This would be one repetition. A weight can be a help to add intensity.


5. Standing knee to arm


A more dynamic exercise but another stomach exercise that can be completed from a standing position. Simply drive the knee up towards the opposite elbow.


The knee can also be lifted towards the same elbow to incorporate the oblique muscles.


Speed can be added to this exercise to increase the intensity.